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Yttrium Magnesium Alloy (YMg Alloy)



Product name:

Yttrium Magnesium Alloy (YMg Alloy) 

Purity (*TREM) 1:

TREM 20%, Mg 80%, Y/TREM 99.5%

Purity (TREM) 2: TREM 25%, Mg 75%, Y/TREM 99.5%
Shape: Ingots



Standard Packaging:

1kg / 25kg / 50kg  net. per bags.

( *TREM=Total Rare Earth Metal )

Typical Application

Mainly used in manufacturing Magnesium alloy and Aluminum alloy with the following merits. It could reduce the impurities of Sulphur, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Arsenic etc.. Also reduces the unfavourable porosity and shrinkages. It could also help in refining the crystalline and improving the properties like strength, bending capability, wear resistance as well as corrosion resistance.


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