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Lanthanum Oxide - La2O3 Nano


Lanthanum(III) oxide is La2O3, It is an odorless, white solid substance, insoluble in water, but soluble in dilute acid.


We produce Lanthanum Oxide in high purity 99.99%, 99.999% and Nanoparticles ( Nano powder ) for various applications.

  Lanthanum Oixde Nanoparticles

Particle Size *

Primary particle size <80nm

Granularity, < 300 nm

Specific Surface Area (BET) > 25 m2/g


99.99% min.
* Particle size can be customized






EC No.


Molecular Weight

325.84 g/mol

Density 6.51 g/cm3
Melting Point 2,315°C
Boiling Point 4,200°C
Appearance White powder


Lanthanum Oxide (La2O3) Typical Application
* Lanthanum Oxide is used to make optical glasses

* Lanthanum Oxide together with oxides of tungsten, tantalum, and thorium, La2O3 improves

  the resistance of the glass to attack by alkali.

* Lanthanum Oxide is an ingredient for the manufacture of piezoelectric and thermoelectric


* Lanthanum Oxide is also used in X-ray imaging intensifying screens, phosphors as well as

  dielectric and conductive ceramics. Gives of bright glow.

* Lanthanum Oxide has been examined for the oxidative coupling of methane.

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